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A long term project has started to replace all street lights on the Park with a standard model that is low energy, environmentally friendly, and will complement our beautiful surroundings. We have decided on using a post made from recycled plastic and a low energy bulb that is 70% more efficient than a standard lamp. Each new light unit runs on a single lamp, as opposed to the 'old' units which run on two. Our aim is therefore to half our energy usage in the course of a night, simply by running half the number of lamps.

An ever increasing number of street lights with wooden posts have started to collapse. This is because the posts have become rotten where the post meets the ground. Our new posts will never rot.  Additional problems have been found with overheating becuase of the orientation of the light units in the 'old' street lights.
The upgrading work will include improvement of the sensors and isolation switches as well as mapping the whole network. All new posts will have a unique ID plate made of aluminium which will assist in reporting faults.
There will inevitably be some disruption whilst all this is going on and it is likely that broken posts will remain that way until everything is in place to fit a brand new complete replacement unit. Some units, such as the bulkhead lights fitted on the outside of electric distribution boxes, will not be replaced with a new lamp, but a 'one for one' replacment bulkhead unit.

Streetlight 003-1

Feedback ...

Thank you to all those who have given feedback about the new lights. In response to the issue of 'glare', we have dimmed the lights as much as possible and in some case we may dim the diffuser as well, as soon as we can find a good way of doing this. In addition, because the new lights cast their footprint more effectively, we will lower the overall height to reduce the glare to drivers and pedestrians. Please remember - for everyone who knows their way home intimately and would like a fully darkened Park, there is another soul out there who really needs a shining light to help them see their way home....

Please help us to help the environment...

We like trees and bushes as much as the next person, but we trim back around the streetlights so that the light can do its job. This means less lights, each working more efficiently = less energy wasted.

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