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Park Electricity Q&A

Where do you get your electricity from? All our electricity is bought from Findhorn Wind Park, which means that the majority comes from a renewable energy source.

Is Park Electricity regulated by a national body?  Yes. As an electricity supplier/distributor all our activities are ultimately controlled by OFGEM (the UK’s electricity and gas regulator).

What about electrical equipment standards?  On a technical day-to-day basis two important sets of regulations govern the way in which we maintain and operate our distribution network, the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) and the IEE Wiring Regulations. These regulations are a legal requirement to ensure a safe, continuous and good quality supply. A good example of how these regulations affect us directly, is stipulating how big our cables must be if they are to carry a certain amount of electricity.

Are my electricity bills comparable to other electricity suppliers?  Yes. Your electricity bill, as a resident in the Park, is directly comparable to a user connected to another supplier in this area. OFGEM, as the UK’s regulatory body, governs the electricity pricing of all suppliers.

What does my distribution charge get used for?  All the income from distribution charges is reinvested into the network for maintenance and upgrade work.

If I am a new customer, is my connection charge comparable to other electricity suppliers/ distributors?  
Yes. In fact, they compare very favourably to many suppliers. A charge for a new house connection to a large supplier may typically run into tens of thousands of pounds as demonstrated in this recent news story:

What does the connection charge cover? In paying the connection charge you are effectively buying into the right to use electricity from a network that will supply your needs in a safe and compliant way. Every new connection will place some extra demand on the network. Matching the network of cables, distribution panels and switch rooms to meet both this demand and regulatory conditions is an ongoing and expensive process. Paying the one-off connection charge, which is proportionate to the extra burden that you place on the system, safeguards you against future cost, which then becomes the responsibility of the supplier (Park Electricity).

I want to make a new connection. What do I need to do?  Simply download an application form by clicking here.  The form has complete instructions on it.

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