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Floor Area

For the purpose of applying HoCo charges the term ‘Floor Area’ shall be considered to be:

“The sum of the total inhabitable internal floor area footprint, measured from the internal surface of the external walls on all floors including those below the level of the ground, given in m2. In calculating this figure, the presence of internal walls, fitted cupboards and units, stairwells and lift shafts etc. is not taken into account”.

Inhabitable area is that which is suitable for occupancy as living or working space.

Garden Sheds
Garden sheds and external log stores used to store tools or pot plants etc. are not included, regardless of whether or not they are connected to the house.

Balconies and decking
Open balconies and decking areas are not an integral part of the internal area of a dwelling and are therefore no included on the HoCo charge.

Attic space
If the attic is not used as part of your routine living space i.e. it is normally shut off from the remainder of the house and is used for storing items only, it will not be included. If however the space has been converted to incorporate it into the daily or occasional living space of the house e.g. it is used as an office or bedroom, it will be included in the floor area calculation.

Conservatories are included in the total floor area as they form part of the habitable area of the dwelling.

Low space under coombed ceilings
The internal floor space under low ceilings e.g. beneath coombes, are included as the inhabitable area of your dwelling.

Fully enclosed porches are included in the floor plan. However, partial porches which are not enclosed on all sides e.g. without a door, are not included.

Home Offices and Studios
The floor area of spaces which have been built or modified to be used as offices, studios or living space will be included.

A garage used for storage or the parking of a motor vehicle would not routinely attract a HoCo charge as it does not form a part of the habitable living space of the dwelling, regardless of whether or not it was connected or accessible from the house. However, if it were to be converted into a living or working space it would fall under the category of habitable space and be included.
NFD will use information taken from drawings and direct measurement to calculate the floor area. Questions or concerns over the final calculation and subsequent charge should be addressed to the THA.

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