New Findhorn Directions (NFD) Ltd

DOCC Titleholders Association rules

1. Purposes & Definition
For individuals and organisations owning land at the Park, Findhorn to collaborate in the maintenance and development of The Park Ecovillage
Note: Version 4.5 and 4.6 are essentially the same as 4.4 except various additional notes have been added to reflect current practice and changes in other organisations and documents. The actual Rules have not been changed.
To participate in the creation of a collective, shared identity that will create a long lasting and self-regulating ethos of land ownership and occupation of the Eco village.
Definition: The Park Ecovillage incorporates as one settlement land owned by the Findhorn Foundation and others at 'The Park', including the holiday caravan park, The Field, the woods and land within the settlement boundary belonging to and being developed by Duneland Ltd., and Cullerne gardens, and the land belonging to and being developed by the Soillse group. A map of the site is available and is included in the ‘Park Ecovillage Information Pack’.
2. The Membership
a) Members shall be comprised of persons or organisations owning a developed and Occupied Property in the Ecovillage.
b) An Occupied Property shall include any land with a permanent or temporary building upon it, including a mobile home, which is in use for nine months of the year or more either as domestic premises or as a place of work.
c) 'In use' shall be defined as:
For domestic premises - occupied overnight on a regular basis.
For a place of work - used for twenty hours a week or more on a regular basis, and
having services typically associated with a place of work such as electricity, a
heating system, plumbing etc.
Common sense shall be applied and qualifying places of work shall not include
sheds, greenhouses, lavatories etc. where occasional work takes place, but which
would not normally constitute a permanent place of work.
Conditions of Membership
d) For the purposes of ascertaining Membership of the Association, an Occupied Property shall not include ownership of a mobile home without ownership of the land on which it is sited. Neither tenancy nor sub-tenancy of domestic or non-domestic property shall entitle either individuals or organisations to Membership of the Association.
e) It is a condition of Membership that Members subscribe to 'Common Ground' as may be adopted by the New Findhorn Association or the Findhorn Foundation from time to time.
f) It is a condition of Membership that Members adhere to planning regulations, especially requirements for planning permission and building warrants.
Cessation of Membership
g) A Member shall cease to be a Member upon ceasing to own any Occupied Property in the Ecovillage.
h) Members may be suspended forthwith by resolution of a General Meeting for conduct deemed detrimental to the Association, provided that notice of the conduct alleged against them is given to them at least one calendar month before the meeting at which the resolution is to be considered and they are given an opportunity thereat to answer such allegations,
i) No person who has been suspended from Membership shall be re-admitted except by resolution of a general meeting,
j) Any persons who have been suspended from Membership shall still be subject to
dues for services provided by the Association (or its agents) in respect of any
property they may own (whether occupied or not).
Ex-officio Membership
k) Ex-officio Membership shall entitle a member to attend and speak, but not vote at
meetings of the Association

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