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Relative to Additional Land to Incorporate into The Findhorn Ecovillage, Findhorn, Moray

This is a generic version of the Deed of Community Conditions and is provided to prospective purchasers of property at The Park, Findhorn for information only.
This document was approved by the Title Holders Association on 31st August 2011.
It creates the legal structure through which the home owners on Duneland and Soillse
can become part of the Association.
The X indicate where site-specific information would be inserted.
We, [  ], incorporated under [  ] and having our Registered Office at [  ], heritable proprietors of ALL and WHOLE [  ] being the area of ground shown delineated and coloured [  ] on Plan 1 annexed and signed as relative hereto (which subjects are hereinafter referred to as “the Estate”); Considering that we are about to develop the Estate as part of The Park Ecovillage project at Findhorn in the County of Moray in conjunction with other proprietors and the current overall extent of which Ecovillage is shown outlined in [  ] on Plan 2 annexed and signed as relative hereto (but without limiting same in the event that it may be agreed by those concerned and having an interest to do so to extend the boundaries of the Park Ecovillage); Further Considering that by a Deed of Community Conditions by James Michael Shaw of “The Park”, Forres, Morayshire and Others as Trustees thereinmentioned for and on behalf of The Findhorn Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “The Findhorn Foundation”) dated the Sixteenth day of September and recorded in the Division of the General Register of Sasines for the County of Moray on the Seventeenth day of November, both months in the year Two thousand and four, The Findhorn Foundation created the initial real burdens to affect the proposed Park Ecovillage lands at Findhorn, aforesaid so far as those lands belonged to The Findhorn Foundation; And Whereas we, [  ], now wish to include the Estate in that proposed Park Ecovillage and to create like real burdens and title conditions over the Estate THEREFORE we, [  ], hereby declare:-
FINDHORN ECOVILLAGE is a natural expression of the practical, grounded and spiritual work of this centre. In harmony with the Trust Deed of The Findhorn Foundation, the overall aims of the Ecovillage include:-
(1) The advancement of spiritual studies and practices, by teaching, example and demonstration of the validity of the essential truths of all religious and spiritual teaching; and by such means to encourage and help those who sincerely seek, by the increase of their knowledge and the development of their being, to achieve a greater understanding of the purpose and meaning of life, and its relationship to God’s universal plan;
(2) In recognition of the intrinsic presence of the spirit within nature, to further the conservation and preservation of the natural world, including teaching, example and demonstration of the harmonious relationship between humanity and all other forms of life.
The purpose of this evolving Ecovillage also aligns fully with The Findhorn Foundation’s mission of being a centre of service and living education for the integration of spiritual principles into everyday life, working to create new models for individuals and communities that seek to embody inspired forms of ecology, governance, economy, culture and spirituality.
Therefore, in implementation of the preamble:
In this deed, the following words and expressions have the meanings, definitions and interpretation ascribed to them:
(a) “Deed” means this deed and any deed or document which is supplemental to, varies or is otherwise entered into and refers to and is in accordance with the terms of this deed;
(b) “Clause” means a clause of this deed;
(c) “Title Holder” mean the owner, from time to time of any plot, and where more than one person owns a plot, it includes all of them and any obligations, burdens and conditions imposed on them shall be binding on them all jointly and severally;

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