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Common Ground for members of the New Findhorn Association

This is a Community which acknowledges the Spirit of Wholeness which manifests in all forms of Life. We hold all Life to be sacred as an aspect of the Divine. We endeavour to align ourselves with this Spirit in our thoughts, our feelings and actions for the good of all. In accord with this aim: In my PERSONAL LIFE I will endeavour a) to act with integrity, embodying congruence in thought, word and action. b) to take responsibility for my actions or mistakes and to be willing to listen openly to constructive feedback in order to support myself and others to grow c) to be aware that what I see outside (criticisms,irritations or appreciations) may reflect what lies within me. In my COMMUNITY LIFE I recognise that I am here to serve others and our planet, which means that I must also serve myself if I am to practice this effectively. In all my relationships, both in and out of this Community I will practice respect for others and their rights in: a) Communication---I will be clear, honest and caring in speech. In public and private I will not malign or demean others. I will seek to speak to them rather than about them. In listening I will practice openess and compassion. b) Co-operation---I recognize that community is empowered by co-operation, good communication and participation and will act accordingly. I will communicate my decisions clearly with those who may be affected by them and consider their views respectfully. I will respect the care , integrity and wisdom of others decisions. c) Non-violence--- I agree not to inflict my attitudes or desires on others . I agree to intervene to stop or protest actions ( including manipulation and intimidation ) that I feel may be abusive to myself or others in the community. d) Resolution of Disputes--- I will make every effort to resolve disputes. In the event of a dispute continuing unresolved, I may call for a suitable mediation process to take place. I may also have access to a community Grievance Procedure. I agree to abide by the decisions of this process. e) Agreements---I will keep the agreements that I make. I will respect and obey the Laws of the Land and the community’s rules and guidelines, except in the event of conscientious objection ; in which case I will act openly and accept due penalties. I will have honest dealings with all bodies and pay all charges and dues owing.

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