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Title Holders Association (THA) Selling your property in The Park Ecovillage

If you wish to sell your property at The Park, please:

1. Inform the THA Chairs that you intend to sell and request THA’s written approval
2. Confirm that the THA’s New Real Burdens and Conditions have been or will be incorporated into your deeds
3. Give prospective purchasers a copy of all the THA’s documents relating to house sales
4. Ask all serious prospective purchasers to complete and return the THA Application Form
5. Give the completed form to the THA’s Chairs for approval by the Land Sales Group
6. Land Sales Group approve sale and issue Land and House Sales Form
7. Once approved, complete negotiations with your prospective purchasers
8. Keep the THA Chairs informed about your progress, and request any assistance you may require from them.
9. Ensure the Land and House Sale Form is completed by yourself as seller and the buyer.
Keep one copy, give one copy to the buyer and return one copy to the THA Chair
10. Please give the new owners a copy of the Park Ecovillage Information Pack.

A person choosing to buy land and live on this site is also joining The Park Ecovillage and this needs to be considered before land is sold. We are first and foremost a spiritual centre and we need to establish that potential buyers are sympathetic and able to support the spiritual vision and purpose of the Foundation and Community. Therefore, to sell or otherwise dispose of your plot, you need to obtain written approval from the Titleholders’ Association. It is the task of the Land Sales Group to establish that potential buyers are sympathetic and able to support the spiritual vision and purpose of the Foundation and Community. In the event of the Land Sales Group or any other party requesting that the Titleholders Association exercise its option to refuse approval or such approval is not forthcoming within 21 days, the Titleholders Association is obliged to compensate you within 2 months by payment of a sum equivalent to the market value of your property. The market value of your property is to be agreed between you and the Titleholders Association. If such agreement fails, the value will be assessed by the valuation committee. Members of this committee are:

• The Designated Agent
• a representative nominated by the Findhorn Foundation
• a representative nominated by the Titleholders Association

The committee may take into account any valuation of the plot assessed by a Chartered Surveyor mutually appointed by Designated Agent and the Titleholders Association. The decision of the Valuation Committee is final and binding on all parties.

The Chair of the Titleholders Association shall endeavour to provide a suitable financial package to enable the compensation to be paid without significant costs to the members of the Association. He is under no circumstances authorised to expose the Members to the costs of providing such compensation . The Members are not at any time under such liability.

In the absence of a properly constituted General Meeting held to discuss any decision to refuse such permission, the Chair shall have the power to permit the requested sale on behalf of the Titleholders Association if he/she believes that to withhold it would entail exposing Members to significant and otherwise unnecessary costs.

For further reference please go to Clause 11 of the Deed of Community Conditions and Rule 11 of the Titleholders Association Rules.

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