New Findhorn Directions (NFD) Ltd

Electric prices

Notification of Electric prices for November 2017

  Unit price
Standard rate 14.96 pence

Day rate 15.96 pence

Night rate 12.61 pence

Standard rate 3.88 pence
Day rate 3.88 pence
Night rate 2.95 pence

Availability   £4.98 per month

Day / Night times: The day rate tariff applies between 7.30am and 11.30pm
The night rate tariff applies between 11.30pm and 7.30am

Please note:  FWP charges NFD a rate per unit based on those used by Scottish Hydro Electric charges locally, using a two tariff system described as 'Standard energy' (the Day rate) and 'Heating control energy' (the Night rate). In addition, there are various other taxes and standing charges payable by NFD.
NFD, however operates a three tariff system; Standard, Day and Night and the incoming bill from FWP to NFD has to be 'translated' into these three rates to be applied to the monthly bills issued at the Park. There is no mark-up used in this calculation.

Last month's price October 2017  were:
Standard rate 15.21 pence, Day rate 16.21 pence,
Night rate 12.93 pence.
In line with the national increases.

Price Increase notification for August 2017

The Findhorn wind park (FWP) has advised NFD of a rise in their Green tariff electricity price that will come through for NFD usage from July 2017.
The will result in a 12% across day, standard and night rates.

FWP statement on Park Electricity Price Rises:
The price charged by FWP to NFD is based on Scottish and Southern Energy's (SSE) domestic green tariffs and these have recently gone up, hence this increase.
When the wind does not blow strongly enough to generate all the power required for the Park, FWP imports the balance from the grid. With the recent growth of the Park estate (East Whins), FWP is now a net importer rather than exporter of electricity. Even so, about half the power used by the Park is purchased from SSE. The cost to FWP of this import electricity has now gone up in line with the national increases.

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